Carbon Fibre Heavy Duty Bowl Tripod with 75mm Bowl Adapter Ultra Stable Camera Tripod

40mm Max leg tube diameter carbon fibre tripod minimum leg tube is 29mm, larger than most tripods. high quality 10 layers of carbon fibre to maximize strength. The highest quality aluminium alloy and CNC Anodic Oxidation technology, 88lb/40kg Max load Lightweight design compact structure, easily held with one hand after folding. Ultra-compact design Folded length 23in/59cm net weight is 6lb/2.72kg.

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Product Desription

Heavy Duty Tripod

Heavy duty tripod with a max leg tube diameter of 40mm, which is much larger than most tripods. The 10 layers of carbon fibre make up for its high strength in comparison to other materials; it can hold 88 pounds or 40 kg worth of equipment!

The carbon fibre tripod is built to last with a maximum size of 40mm for the legs and 29 millimetres at a minimum. 10 layers make up this sturdy construction, maximizing strength in comparison to other tripods on the market today! An aluminium alloy body supports 88 pounds (or about 40kg).

The lightweight design of this tripod makes it easy to carry around when you are on the go. You can put the entire unit in your backpack and not worry about taking up too much room! It has an ultra-compact structure, which means that at 23 inches long (with folded legs) or 59 centimetres tall without shoes – these tripods are perfect for any occasion whether they are being used by yourself or shared with others.

The compact design of this lightweight tripod means you can take it anywhere with ease. With one hand folded, the weight is just 6 pounds! And because there are no legs to extend or retract–they are always at their lowest height so they do not get in your way when shooting from ground level. It is super easy for anyone who may be wearing shoes without needing extra help holding onto something else while trying not to drop anything on top if theirs already loaded up full anyway.

The ball bowl and adapter design allow photographers to quickly adjust the angle of their shot. The tripod’s screw can be switched between 1/4″ or 3/8″, as well; other equipment like video heads, balls bogies etc will attach easily with this simple feature! There are 4 adjustable legs which stay put thanks in part to twist locks – just release them when you are happy with where they’ve landed then tighten up again for stability.

The tripod has three different angles you can use: 9 degrees, 37 degrees and 69 degrees. The lowest setting is excellent for use at ground level while standing on soft dirt or grass without raising your feet too high up in the air (which would make it difficult to balance).

We have been working on the design of our carbon fibre bowls for years. We finally have a leg tube that has adjustable tension, locks into place when you want it to be secure and provides excellent balance with its weight distribution capabilities!
The new adjustments allow users more flexibility in height settings so they can find just what works best without having any worries about adjusting something too much or not enough – everything will stay where it’s supposed to.

ULTRA-STABLE CAMERA TRIPOD – A carbon fibre tripod with a 75mm bowl adapter is ultra-stable and perfect for cameras up to 88lb/40kg. The heavy-duty construction and humanized design make it a great choice for professional photographers and videographers.

CARBON FIBER HEAVY DUTY TRIPOD – This tripod is designed to provide excellent stability and durability. The high-quality carbon fibre construction maximizes strength and minimizes weight, while the humanized design makes it easy to use.

– ULTRA LOW ANGLE SHOOTING – The ultra-compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to take with you wherever you go, while the ultra-low angle shooting feature allows you to get those hard-to-reach shots.

– COMPACT DESIGN – The folded length of only 23in/59cm means that it can easily be held with one hand, and the net weight of only 6lb/2.72kg makes it one of the best folding carbon tripods.

The tripod, bag and accessories are all you need for your perfect photo shoot. This kit comes with a 40mm carbon fibre tripod. There is also an included 75 mm bowl and adapter kit so can adjust the camera to level quickly.  The stainless steel spike and Allen key.

You can purchase our product with the assurance that you will be fully backed by its 2-year warranty.

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